2017 Brain Bolt

Jaymie Polet (right) and her mother, Jill, deliver thank you cookies
each year to the St. Vincent and IU Methodist Trauma teams.
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The Third Annual Brain Bolt 5K

topped both our participant and fundraising expectations. This year’s October 7 event attracted more than 420 registrants as well as repeat and first-time sponsors who together helped raise more than $93,000 to support traumatic brain injury research.

Under sunny skies at the Carmel Gazebo in Carmel, IN, Brain Bolt 5K featured more than a dozen vendors and regional trauma specialists who educated participants on how to prevent head and spine injuries. The day took on a festival-like atmosphere with music, food trucks, and celebrity MC, Kristi Lee of The BOB &TOM Show.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s success,” said Derek Cantrell, Executive Director of Finance and Administration. “With our increased fundraising from 62 generous sponsors and in-kind donors, we look forward to making this signature event larger with each passing year.”

All proceeds from Brain Bolt 5K will support the efforts of the Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman Campbell to fund pilot TBI research projects, a follow-up clinic for patients for after-injury care, and our neurotrauma databases.

Each year, more than 50,000 people in Indiana sustain traumatic injuries of the head and spine. The immediate, life-saving efforts of the neurotrauma teams at the state’s Level 1 Trauma Centers provide these patients the best hope for surviving and coping with their injuries.

Jaymie Polet was one of the fortunate TBI survivors to receive her immediate treatment at St. Vincent’s Level 1 Trauma Center. Jaymie was 17 years old the evening of August 13, 2011 when the Indiana State Fair stage collapsed—killing seven and injuring dozens more, including her mother who suffered a shattered pelvis. Jaymie had multiple injuries including a skull fracture and severe clot in her brain.

“Team Cindy” honored her recovery from recent brain surgery.

She and her mother are forever grateful for the care they received at St. Vincent and Methodist Hospitals. Each year on the anniversary of the stage collapse, they visit bearing a basket of cookies from their favorite Cincinnati bakery—and if they can’t visit in person, the cookies arrive by mail.

“We bring thank you cookies to [neurosurgeon Mitesh Shah] Dr. Shah for saving my life. He’s the reason I’m still here.”

Plans for the 2018 Fourth Annual Brain Bolt 5K are now underway

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