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Dr. Daniel Sahlein Shares Ischemic Stroke and Aneurysm Treatment Techniques with Japanese Neuro Endovascular Society

We often talk about our team’s expertise across a broad range of brain, spine, and nervous system subspecialties. That expertise and our collaborative approach are what make our care second-to-none in Central Indiana. But our doctors also stand out in the international neurosurgical and neurovascular communities.

Dr. Daniel Sahlein, one of our interventional neuro-radiologists, gave a pair of talks this past November at the Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy (JSNET) meeting in Fukuoka, Japan. The lectures focused on ischemic stroke treatment technique and our aneurysm treatment philosophy including our understanding of brain aneurysm risk, our approach to care, and our techniques in treatment.

Ischemic Stroke Techniques

During his remarks on ischemic stroke, Dr. Sahlein reviewed our strategy for opening blocked arteries in the brain and doing so faster and more efficiently than any other group has reported or published. The technique has helped to restore blood flow and save brain and ultimately brain function for our stroke patients.

Aneurysm Treatment Techniques

Dr. Sahlein’s discussion on aneurysm treatment outlined our use of the PipelineTM Flex Embolization Device and all of the ways we are currently using it to treat a variety of aneurysms.

An aneurysm occurs when an artery wall weakens and it balloons out or widens abnormally. They can take on a number of forms. We use the Pipeline Flex to help repair giant aneurysms, distal aneurysms, posterior fossa aneurysms, and ruptured blister aneurysms.

Dr. Sahlein also discussed how our staged strategy—of coiling ruptured aneurysms in anticipation of using the Pipeline Flex—has led to better clinical outcomes and the most durable treatment outcomes.

New Treatments Lead to Better Outcomes

Having access to the latest techniques and treatments can make a big difference, helping patients recover more completely and stay better longer. Our physicians are always up to date on the latest techniques, so they’re prepared to help you make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to your care.

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