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Goodman Campbell Continues to Lead in Research and Academics!

What is neurological research?

Patients often have questions about what research we are involved in here at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (GCBS). At GCBS our research team focuses on evidence-based medicine and has a strong commitment to research and academics. When a patient decides to participate in a research study, the information from the study can be used to advance and evaluate the effectiveness of many treatments and patient outcomes. Our physicians are passionate about providing the highest quality care- relying on research information to continually improve the treatment of neurological conditions in their practice.

The members of the Goodman Campbell research and academics team include: the research director, 4 research nurses, a medical writer, and medical illustrator. The team provides 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week, taking call to ensure potential inclusion of acute care inpatients in all trials. Goodman Campbell participates in over 30 active studies at any given time. This year alone, 17 Goodman Campbell physicians have published 32 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Peer-reviewed articles undergo a strict scientific evaluation process from colleagues throughout the medical community. The study results must be unbiased, clinically relevant and provide meaningful data. Visit Research and Clinical Trials to learn more on some of our current studies and publications.

What can a patient expect when participating in a study? Each study is different, but all have a defined time commitment. Some research studies follow patients as long as 5 years, others for a much shorter duration. Most studies have a high level of overlap with clinical care so that additional visits can be minimized. This may mean not only a visit with your surgeon and/or their advanced practice provider, but also with a member of the research team, or others. The research nurses will follow your course of care closely to maintain the guidelines of the study.

One of our Goodman Campbell pain studies, the Abbott Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial to Permanent Prediction (T2P), aims to capture a complete picture of each individual patient’s day-to-day chronic pain journey. Eventually, this information may enable treatments to be personalized to the unique needs of each patient.

Congratulations to Stacie Gren, RN, Dr. Derron K. Wilson, and Rachel Lytle, NP (photographed above) for identifying and enrolling patients in the T2P study. GCBS led enrollment in the study across 7 sites around the country. Dr. Wilson has been invited to present results from the study at the upcoming North American Neuromodulation Society meeting in Las Vegas.

The Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman Campbell continues to support our research and quality efforts. To support our foundation, please visit our donation page today!

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