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A Glimpse at Goodman Campbell’s Acute Neurosurgical Services Team

What is an advanced practice provider?

When you come to the emergency room with a neurological injury, you will be seen by one of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine’s (GCBS) advanced practice providers or APPs. Advanced practice providers are physician assistants or nurse practitioners with advanced medical training in their specialty field. APPs work throughout the hospital and clinic, providing care at all stages of a patient’s treatment.

Who makes up the team?

Goodman Campbell’s acute neurosurgical service (ANS) is unique within GCBS. The ANS team has developed expertise across all subspecialties within neurosurgery to provide excellent care. They work with all neurosurgeons in the group, providing 24 hour care, 7 days a week on-site at the hospital. This group is made up of 10 APPs and 3 registered nurses (RNs).

The RNs help to triage patient phone calls, including after hours and weekend patient calls, as well as communicating plans of care with other disciplines in the hospital. These RNs are instrumental in setting up post-hospital discharge needs like rehab and follow-up appointments.

What do they do?

The APPs on the ANS team cover acutely ill neurosurgical patients at the hospital. The APPs see patients independently, closely collaborating with the on call neurosurgeon. In addition, the ANS team communicates with other services (ICU, trauma team, hospitalists, case management, physical and occupational therapy) to develop a comprehensive plan of care. You and your family members can expect the ANS team to provide education and clinical updates related to your neurosurgical diagnosis. This includes patients suffering from neurosurgical traumatic injuries, spontaneous brain hemorrhages, stroke, spine fractures, disc herniations, brain tumors and more.

In the emergency room, our APPs will review your x-rays, CTs and/or MRIs, examine you, and develop a treatment plan in collaboration with the neurosurgeon on call. If you are admitted to the hospital, one of the ANS team members will round on you daily to assist in ongoing management and follow you through your hospital stay, as long as you continue to have neurosurgical needs. Regardless of time or day, the ANS team is on site and is committed to providing exceptional neurosurgical care including nights, weekends, and the holidays. Interested in learning more? Be sure to check out our social media accounts to meet the team and find out more about what they do!

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