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Restoring Lives and Renewing Hope: John’s Story

John Gutgsell had a tumor on his frontal lobe, transforming his mood, behavior, and life—but thanks to Dr. Troy Payner and the experts at Goodman Campbell, John got his life back. Hear firsthand how John trusted Goodman Campbell with his care, and how other patients like him can benefit from the extraordinary care our specialists […]


A Miraculous Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

Ryan was a senior at the International School of Indiana—and a Junior Olympic fencer with his eye on the nation’s top college fencing programs—when he had an accident that might have put an end to his fencing career, if not his life. The Saturday after Thanksgiving break, Ryan was out with friends, blowing off a […]


Back in the Saddle After Lifelong Spinal Conditions

Ginger has loved and worked with horses for much of her life. But in past years, pain from lifelong health issues forced her to retire from the therapeutic riding program she started for children with disabilities. Ginger’s own horses, Buddy and Harley, are stabled on a farm in Zionsville owned by a longtime friend. Over […]


After a Brain Tumor, Dancing on With Love and Laughter

Nine-year-old Elsa is a lively girl from a small town just outside Anderson, Indiana. She loves spending time with her large family—which includes her mom Maribel, and sisters Emma and Naomi. Their home is a symphony of music, color, and laughter. When she’s not in school, Elsa spends her time learning new dances, swinging from […]


A Return to an Active Life After Lumbar Fusion

Jay and his family live in Indianapolis in a house that’s been in the family for several generations. Though his kids have grown, Jay looks back on a life in which sports and physical activity—whether on his own, with friends or with his wife and kids—have played a huge role. Being active has been important […]


The Difference of Coordinated Care

When Cole West first presented the symptoms of an aneurysm, it was already an unusual case—statistically, a brain aneurysm is extremely rare in someone so young. It is also often deadly. But for Cole, his diagnosis was only the beginning of a long and complex process of treatment and recovery.  Fortunately, Cole’s case is also […]


The Next Generation of Stroke Education

Tessa David was showering in her Dallas apartment when her life changed. Tessa was a 28-year-old model, dancer, and professional cheerleader with a bright future. She grew up in Bloomington and spent five years with the Indianapolis Colts before moving to Dallas to try out for the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleading squad. But on December 1, 2014, […]