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What is the Process for Online Scheduling?

Our centralized scheduling team will prioritize your request for an appointment based on your needs and our specialists’ availability. We consider the condition, specialty physician, office location and timing urgency when making the appointment for you. Our team is trained to get you to the right specialist as quickly as possible. You may be asked about prior imaging studies while speaking with our team. Recent imaging helps us provide the quickest, most reliable diagnosis of your condition. Our team will strive to contact you within 24 hours of your online submission. All fields marked with an (*) must be completed prior to submission.

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Please Bring the Following Items to Your Appointment

X-Rays, Test Results and Medications

For a complete review of your condition and the promptest treatment, always bring to your appointment any x-rays and CT or MRI scans (if you have them), along with associated reports. Also bring any test results and a list of current medications. Having this testing information will help us provide you with the most effective and efficient care.

Pre-Registration Forms

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out our pre-registration forms. You will receive a packet of information, including registration forms, directions/map, information regarding our financial policy and a medical questionnaire. As an added convenience, you may also access/print the forms from our website. Please bring the completed forms with you the day of your appointment to ensure you are seen in a timely manner.

Insurance Card

Please bring your insurance card each time you visit the office. The card is an important guide to your insurance company’s pre-certification, copayment, and claims requirements. Please advise the receptionist of any changes to your contact information, your marital status, insurance or primary care physician.

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